Oregon ranks within the top five states in the U.S suffering from child hunger. 


At Apples to Applesauce, we believe all kids should have access to healthy food all year round.  


Our Mission is to end child hunger by ending food waste.  

Apples to Applesauce harvests excess produce from commercial farms and even the fruit tree in your backyard. We preserve the food by baking, canning, or dehydrating.  We then donate kid-friendly food directly to after school programs and other non-profits addressing child hunger.  We also engage within the community, offering consistent access to locally resourced and healthfully hand­made foods at farmer's markets.  All proceeds from the farm stand are then re­invested into Apples to Applesauce. From pickle production to commercial canning your support means sustainability.

A chain is no stronger than it’s weakest link, and life after all is a chain.
— William James

Growing Healthy Generations by:

Preventing Food Waste

  • We harvest excess produce from commercial farms that would otherwise go to waste.
  • We glean fruit trees in the cities, which would otherwise rot on the sidewalk. 
  • We help homeowners manage their fruit trees by offering a free gleaning and pruning service.
  • Homeowners that participate get a gift certificate to use at our farmers market stand.
  • We share our recipes and canning resources with anyone who may be interested in preserving food on their own. 

Solving Child Hunger

  • All of the food harvested is turned into a  preserved product, allowing access to healthy food all year round. 
  • The kid-friendly food we make, such as applesauce, is donated to after school programs and other non-profits serving meals to children.
  • Other foods, such as pickled beets which are perhaps unappealing to kids, will be sold at our farmers market stand to promote preserving!