Reflecting on 2015

In 2015 we had much to be proud of and much to be thankful for. By our calculations, Apples to Applesauce harvested over 1 metric ton of fruits and vegetables during this past harvest season! 

Then we dried, jammed, jellied, baked, pickled - did anything we could to turn our bounty into nutritious & delicious snacks to be distributed to children in need in our community. 

After all was said & done, our efforts diverted the produce from the waste cycle & prevented a whopping 7,264 cubic feet of carbon emissions from entering our atmosphere! A special thanks to Sauvie Island Organics for hosting harvest parties, and for the surrounding homeowners who allowed us to glean your fruit trees - you all made this incredible feat possible!

We would also like to thank each and every one of our volunteers who donated their time last year. We had a total of 98 volunteers who spent 567 hours helping Apples to Applesauce harvest, haul & process hundreds of pounds of produce. A very special thanks to Apple and Airbnb for lending us their hugely helpful employees. 

Many thanks to all the businesses who donated to Apples to Applesauce, especially Sauvie Island Organics, and Rose City Mortgage. A very special thank you to Lardo & P.R.E.A.M for hosting the Chefwich Sandwich fundraiser. 

The support of our community is key to the success of a non-profit organization like Apples to Applesauce. There are a few ways you can help us continue to preserve food that would otherwise go to waste and help prevent childhood hunger:
Volunteer - have a free afternoon? Help us harvest! You'd be amazed at just how many plums you can pull off the trees in only a few hours.
Register your fruit tree or crop - maybe you have extra crops or just can't keep up with what you've got. Let us glean and prune for you!
Don't have time or fruit trees but want to support our cause? We always appreciate donations.
What an amazing first year! We are so grateful for the support of our family, friends and community. Lots of exciting thing are in the works for next season so stay tuned!